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i been waitin
all my mornin
for somethin
worth doin
i can't find it
guess i'll whine
just a little bit
til something comes of it


open up blinds
let the sun in
til i'm burnin
peel off my skin
that's what happens
live in texas
with the death ray
it will end you


god one limb
god needs them
god throws and
pick it up on your end
god go ran
ugly moran
turn it round and break it for the laurel

you should leave it
do not take it
it's not worth it
unless you like it
but you won't know that
until you take it
looks like you're stuck
standing nekkid



from The Ghost of Fuck You Past, track released November 10, 2016




Pumping the Tragus Austin, Texas

Born groundhog day 1982, I came into this world pissing on the doctor. I plan to continue pissing on as many things as possible until I'm dead.

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